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We have a wide variety of prints here at Shared Lives Studio of some of our most popular images. Each image is printed on high quality photo paper and will come with a cardboard backing. Most of our prints are not standard frame sizes but usually can be matted or mounted to fit. We also offer framed prints. A bio of the artist will accompany each print.

Unframed prints $15.00

Framed prints $85.00 specify white or black mat

Notecards $2.00


This image of Paris was created by Marc Arnett. Originally a large 3d work, the print captures a few of the Paris landmarks. You may even notice that Spiderman likes hanging out there.


This image of Toledo was painted by Marc Arnett. A fun and lighthearted view of downtown, Marc captures a few of our landmarks that make this Toledo special. This is a great gift for anyone who loves our dear city.


This is another fantastic picture in the Cityscapes by Marc Arnett. Gotham City came from his imagination and captures the mean streets of Gotham. It is a good thing we have Batman and Robin to save the day.

Unframed Paris Poster
Framed Paris Poster
Paris Note Cards
Unframed Toledo Poster
Framed Toledo Poster
Toledo Note Cards
Unframed Gotham Poster
Framed Gotham Poster
Gotham Note Cards


The original painting by Jason Bobak. An amazing picture by Jason that captures the peacefulness of the lake and a simpler time.


The original painting by Jason Bobak.

Tree Path

The original painting by Jason Bobak.

Unframed Canoe Poster
Framed Canoe Poster
Canoe Note Cards
Unframed Trees Poster
Framed Trees Poster
Trees Note Cards
Unframed Tree Path Print
Framed Tree Path Print
Tree Path Note Card

Lucky Dog

The original painting is by Craig Toczynski. This party poodle was one of our customers dogs and his name just happened to be “Lucky."

Be Happy

The original painting is by Craig Toczynski. This image will bring a smile to your face every time.

Party Animal

The original painting is by Craig Toczynski. One of Craig’s quirkier characters, this guy is ready for a party or perhaps celebrated a little too much.

Unframed Lucky Dog Print
Framed Lucky Dog Print
Lucky dog Note Card
Unframed Be Happy Print
Framed Be Happy Print
Be Happy Note Card
Unframed Party Animal Print
Framed Party Animal Print
Party Animal Note Card